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Below are articles written about IAD in the media and op-eds written by IAD representatives that have been published in the media.

Uncertainty, distrust, and corruption are the common denominator when talking about democratic elections in some Latin American countries, writes IAD's Public Affairs Officer, Mariangel González Rul. 

(MÉXICO PÚBLICA , 18/08/2023, written by Mariangel González Rul (in Spanish), IAD Public Affairs Officer)

For now Forming a government in Spain amidst complex negotiations and a polarised political landscape poses a challenging task, with the potential for repeat elections – there is a need for vigilance, as Vox poses a severe threat to Spanish democracy, writes IAD's Public Affairs Officer, Laura Gaspar.

(EURACTIV , 01/08/2023, written by Laura Gaspar, IAD Public Affairs Officer)

China’s authoritarian regime severely curtails many of the fundamental freedoms which citizens in democracies take for granted. In the two months following the detection of the first case of COVID-19, Chinese Communist Party Officials refused to listen to medical experts, punished those who shared information about the novel virus and censored media coverage. IAD’s Founder & Public Affairs Manager argues: if China were a democracy, a political system in which freedom of expression and freedom of the press is indispensable, it could have been possible to contain the COVID-19 outbreak at an early stage. (Euronews, 14/06/2023, written by Oliver St. John, IAD Founder & Trustee)

Many news rooms use the term “war in Ukraine” or “Ukraine war”. But if Russia started the war by invading its peaceful neighbour, why do media outlets not use terms like “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine” instead? And why does it matter how media outlets refer to it? IAD’s Public Affairs Officer Ane Mestvedthagen argues: Let us call it what it is. An illegal invasion. An act of aggression. Carried out by Russia. (Euronews, 25 May 2023, written by Ane Mestvedthagen, IAD Public Affairs Officer).

IAD Op-Eds 

Below a selection of articles written by our team members:

Gozde Ones and Shauna McKeown, IAD Public Affairs Officers, write about how democracy and women’s rights are on the ballot in the Turkey 2023 elections and reflects on her experiences as an election observer in these crucial elections. 

(Gozde Ones & Shauna McKeown, Public Affairs Officers, 28 May 2023)

IAD calls on EU Member States to fully comply with EU sanctions packages, without granting exceptions on a case-by-case basis. The unprovoked and unjustified Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to unprecedented losses in Ukraine, and any further exception from existing rules can lead to further losses, including human lives. 

(10 February 2023)

Eight months after Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine began, 236 global companies still conduct business-as-usual in Russia. IAD calls on global companies to reduce and end their operations in Russia. Global companies can have a major influence on international politics; they should use it to help defend freedom and democracy. 

(Ane Mestvedthagen, IAD Public Affairs Officer, 14 December 2022)

Qatar has used the World Cup to stifle criticism of its authoritarian monarchy, with the help of Western investors and public figures - a boycott is the only ethical option. 

(Luca Contrino, IAD Public Affairs Officer, 14 December 2022)

A month after the death of Mahsa Amini, people continue to protest against the Iranian authorities. IAD calls for the arrested journalists to be released, so they can continue their work on a fair and democratic coverage of the ongoing protests in Iran. The people of Iran are speaking, let the media report what they say. 

(Ane Mestvedthagen, IAD Public Affairs Officer, 28 October 2022)

Since the start of Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, the EU has paid over €63bn to Russia for fossil fuels. In the same period, the EU has provided Ukraine with only €1.5bn in military support, pledging only another €500 million at the end of May 2022. The EU is therefore funding Russia’s war machine and giving Ukraine minimal resources to defend itself. It is time for the EU to prioritise its values over its economic relationship with Russia. What will it take for the EU to finally stop funding Russia’s illegal invasion? 

(Valeria Borta, IAD Executive Director, 2 July 2022)